photoSuitcases and Lattès follows 3 Capetonians (and the occasional guest) in discovering what exactly makes the city of the giant flat rock so special.

We will be searching for the best food and sights Cape Town has to offer, as well as documenting our travels around the country and the rest of the world.

Join us on our journey!

Rifqah: The Working Traveler

rif pic

Rifqah is an analyst with a Masters degree in Public Health.  She travels all over the country (even strange little towns) for work. If you need information on local travel- she is your go- to person. She has also been to several cities in Africa and further abroad. (twitter: @MsRiffy)

Imaan: The Luxury Budget TravelerIMG_0974 (1)

Imaan is a dentist. She enjoys experiencing the best of life at the lowest cost. As passionate about planning holidays as going on holidays. She loves “cultural experiences” more than shopping sprees. If you want to know how to travel in style on a budget- she’s your girl. (twitter: @Imunchi)

Jihan: The Thrill – SeekerIMG_0012

Jihan is a chartered accountant. She loves adventure traveling as well as luxury. Bungee jumping, paragliding, shark-cage diving, she’s done it. If she hasn’t done it, she is most likely willing to try it, as long as it doesn’t spoil her manicure! (Twitter: @JUERO6)

List of countries we have visited collectively: Argentina; Brazil; England; Wales; Malawi; Panama; France; India; South Korea; Uganda; Dubai; Doha; Abu Dhabi; Thailand; Cambodia; Malaysia; Croatia; Spain; Prague; Amsterdam; Netherlands; Germany; Turkey;  Namibia; London  South Africa!

Please stick around as our list grows.

Please feel free to contact us for any further info: Suitcasesandlattes@gmail.com or find our joint twitter account @SuitcasesLattes or Facebook


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