The gorgeous & sunny Ile de Pain, Knysna

On a recommendation (thanks sister’s sister-in-law!), while in Knysna we headed down to Ile de Pain (translation:island of bread). So, not quite The Banting Kitchen – but hey, who doesn’t love carbs, right?

The bakery cafe was opened in 2002 by Liezie Mulder and Marcus Farbinger and has become synonymous with to-die-for baked goods and creative meals. Ile de pain was the first artisan, wood fired oven bakery in South Africa which means that the baker uses traditional methods to enhance the flavours and goodness of the baked goods from the natural ingredients. Ile de Pain has obtained excellent scores on Tripadvisor and has become a compulsory stop on the Garden Route for locals and tourists alike.


IMG_0268It was our first time at Ile de Pain (I know, how is that possible?) and you cannot miss it with its vibrant orange decor.We opted to sit in the sun but after five minutes, we regretted our decision. We were all trying to squeeze into the one shady spot at the table and our waitress must have noticed. Instead of asking whether we would like to move tables, she asked if she could move THE table. Now that’s what I call customer service! Ahh, shade, lovely shade.



With all the options on the menu, it took us quite a while to decide what we wanted. I opted for a croissant with scrambled egg (which ironically, wasn’t on the menu) along with one of the best lattes I’ve ever had! The croissant took a bit of time to arrive but we were enjoying the chilled atmosphere.


Homely, yet eclectic decor



The croissant was big, buttery, freshly baked and absolutely delicious.We even had a little bird trying to steal our food (not those evil UCT pigeons!). It was so cute we almost didn’t mind.

The atmosphere is so relaxed and warm. It is definitely the perfect place for a cosy Sunday brunch.

Our bill delivered

Our bill delivered

After brunch, we had our bill delivered on the beaded lady (above). Quite a nice touch I thought.

One thing I would really like to commend Ile de Pain on is their fabulous staff. These guys were so nice and helpful. We were sitting quite close to a family where the father was complaining on and on about things. The waitress handled is so  professionally – I personally would have liked to have punched the guy.

And two minutes away from Ile de Pain, you will find this –

Two minute walk to this place

Two minute walk to this place

I won’t pass through Knysna without making a stop at Ile de Pain!

Opening Hours:

  • Closed May and August
  • Tues to Sat: 8am- 3pm
  • Sun 9am-1.30pm
  • Monday: closed

Directions île de païn

N2 from George to Knysna.
As you come into Knysna on the N2 from George, turn right at the first traffic light onto Waterfront drive.
Proceed on Waterfront drive – at the second traffic light turn right onto Long street.
Proceed on Long street until you get to a four way stop.
Ile de pain is just across the stop on the right hand side, in the Boastshed, under the big coral tree.

Tel: 044 302 5707


2 thoughts on “The gorgeous & sunny Ile de Pain, Knysna

  1. I love Ile de Pain! You must also try their sister restaurant/coffee shop Mon Petit Pain – more a deli vibe, you order at the counter and they bring the food to you. Also fresh and delicious with the same baked goods. Both special but in different ways 🙂

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