Ster-Kinekor Cine Prestige – Flying business class got a whole lot cheaper!

NV2A4886I love going to the movies and when I heard about the new Cine Prestige opening on Friday the 28th November 2014 in Cavendish Square, I immediately booked my ticket to watch the Mocking Jay Part 1. The ticket price for Cinema Prestige (just the ticket) is about R110 per ticket. Discovery Vitality members get a discount of R45. Quite pricey, but this is an an experience and I would imagine moviegoers only booking this cinema once in a while.

The entrance to the prestige lounge is sectioned off from the general cinema and you can enjoy exclusivity by waiting in the prestige lounge on comfy couches and eating snacks. The waiters take your order before the movie with the idea of bringing your snacks when you’re seated, before the movie actually starts. This is an additional cost and there are various options to choose from. See menu.

1.12.2014 327

Prestige Cinema Cavendish Square

1.12.2014 331

All the cakes you can choose from

Upon entering the cinema, I was immediately blown away. The red leather recliner seats, the massive screen and even the space between the seats are enough to get anyone excited! It’s like flying business class.

1.12.2014 334

What I saw when I walked into the cinema – Lets paint the town Red!

1.12.2014 336Even though I like to think I’m of myself as an adult, I must admit that I do behave fairly immature at times. Seeing all the buttons on the side of the recliner kept me entertained for at least 10 minutes. There is a button that controls how reclined you want your seat to be, a button that controls the temperature (!) and even a button that controls the lights. After about 10 minutes into the movie, a waiter served my cappuccino, red velvet cake, popcorn and a still water (Damage – R128 in total).

1.12.2014 338

Me in my comfy recliner!

1.12.2014 341

The buttons that kept me entertained….

The  cappuccino and cake were average. The popcorn came in a round plastic popcorn container which is quite nice as the salt doesn’t seep through the sides and onto your clothes. The surround sound in the cinema is fantastic and the screen is huge! I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The cinema can accommodate about 41 people. So, quite small and intimate.

I must admit, I would definitely go back to Cine Prestige but probably only for a really good movie!

If you’re thinking about where to go on your next date, or out with a group of friends or needing to see a movie solo,  this is definitely something everyone needs to experience at least once!

– Jee


images – self taken


3 thoughts on “Ster-Kinekor Cine Prestige – Flying business class got a whole lot cheaper!

  1. I also checked out the new Hunger Games movie on Friday night at Prestige. It was initially an usual experience but you get used to the things like waiters dashing around.

    I was really let down by the nachos I got (I’m sure it’s the nachos you get out of a bag at Pick and Pay, and all you get with it is a little bit of salsa). Loved the seating though. I’ll probably go back for big releases or date nights. Or any movie I might want to see but want to avoid annoying people (teenagers and their cellphones, screaming kids, and snoring old people being the main culprits).

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