The Galileo Open Air Cinema: Moulin Rouge & the 2014/5 line-up

We at Suitcases and Lattes love the Galileo Open Air Cinema! Earlier this year Jee checked out the Hillcrest Quarry venue in Durbanville and really had a blast.

I had the opportunity to see Moulin Rouge at the Kirstenbosch on Wednesday. I was so excited when I was told the theme was burlesque – if you know me, you know that I love themed events. Since I gave most of my corsets away to charity in 2004 (about the same time Xtina gave up hers), I didn’t really know what to wear. With it being summer and all, I agonised about whether I should wear boots. In the end I opted for pumps but dressed warmly and came somewhat in theme.

We were told the doors open at 6pm but due to a meeting going on longer than planned, I only got there around 7pm. There seemed to be a fairly long queue (eek!) so I was kicking myself for not getting there earlier. We were lucky enough to be given vouchers for seats and blankets.

Fotor1106220759Thankfully, the line went quickly due to the friendly and efficient staff. We went to the media tent and got some food vouchers and we were given a complimentary (non-alcoholic) drink.

Fotor1106221635I was impressed with the chairs, they were really comfortable! I also found the blankets to be nice and warm. Top that off with some awesome nachos (from The Nachos on Fire) and popcorn, I was feeling the good vibes! There were lots of little stalls with really good food giving it a market vibe.

Fotor1106220623We were treated to a very sexy dance by the four ladies of The Rouge Revue. Really guys, I think that was the first time I’ve seen nipple tassels up close! The crowd went wild!

fotor1106215248I really enjoyed watching Moulin Rouge and singing along to the songs I knew. I was warm, comfortable and (very) well fed. It was such a wonderful experience being outdoors, under the stars in the beautiful Kirstenbosch setting. PERFECT FOR SNUGGLING. Just sayin’! And every second person had boots on so don’t feel embarrassed to show up in your uggs (I know you still have a pair in your cupboard). Also, some people looked comfortable lying on blankets but I would still recommend getting a chair (and a blanket or two).

Courtesy of the Galileo

Courtesy of the Galileo

Courtesy of the Galileo

Courtesy of the Galileo

Before the movie started, the organisers explained what they had in store for the rest of the season. She explained that their traveling movie screen (it looks like this amazing jumping castle-type-thing with a screen) is in Hillcrest Quarry on Tuesdays,

Courtesy of the Galileo

Courtesy of the Galileo – Hillcrest Quarry

Kirstenbosch on Wednesdays

Courtesy of the Galileo

Courtesy of the Galileo – Kirstenbosch


and at the Waterfront on Thursdays.

Courtesy of the Galileo

Courtesy of the Galileo – Waterfront

They choose different types of movies every week so that there is something for everyone – whether it is cult classics, romantic comedies, adventure sports, documentaries or action flicks (guys, keep an eye out for the Boys Night Out!). Apparently, there may be some choice in the movies showing through votes on social media. Talk about giving the public what they want!

I tend not to go out a lot during the work week so what really excited me was when they announced they will be adding a few extra shows – Valentines Day at Groot Constantia (count me in!) and there will be additional shows on weekends in Stellenbosch. Sounds like an awesome excuse get out of the Cape for a few hours in my opinion.

There really is a movie for everyone. Take my advice and check out their schedule for the rest of the season. Here are a few of the shows I would love to attend:

– 13 Nov: Love Actually

– 18 Nov: Lord of the Rings I

– 9 Dec: Avatar

– 30 Dec: Grease (come dressed up!)

– 8 Jan: Back to the Future I

– 14 Jan: Eat Pray Love

– 5 Feb: The Devil Wears Prada

– 10 Feb: The Notebook

– 26 Feb: Rocky Horror Picture Show (goes without saying, dress up! And be sure to check out the show)

– 26 Mar: Titanic

– 7 Apr: The Dark Knight



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