Zombie Walk, Cape Town- So you like braaaaiiinz…

For those of you who love The Walking Dead; get excited by cosplay or think that the zombie apocalypse is inevitable- this is the event for you!

zombie 2

The 5th annual Cape Town Zombie Walk  is set to take place on Saturday 1st of November (Halloween weekend) at 3pm. The walk will be starting above the company gardens at the corner of Museum Road and Government Avenue (the parking lot at the base of the planetarium) and will be ending at Thibault Square.

Something like this

Something like this

The walk is free (our favourite word), however, you have a chance to be charitable and have fun as any donations to the Lucky Lucy Foundation are welcome and appreciated and will be collected at the end of the walk.


Everyone is welcome and take your little zombies along too. The more, the merrier! Dress code: the more dead and decomposed, the better. zombie 3

After the Party is The After-Party

Ragazzi Live Bar will be hosting the after-party- the bar area is strictly for over 18’s. The under 18’s can enjoy some grub in the dining area. There will be some great prizes up for grabs so make sure you stick around for the party.

The Details

Date: 1st November 2014

Time: 3pm

Start: Company Gardens, End: Thibault Square

Cost: Free, but donations will be appreciated

Everyone is welcome



Images from and with permission from The Zombie Walk Facebook page





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