Love & loathing in Club Mykonos, Langebaan: Conferencing, family fun and spa trips

I could be totally wrong but I think most Capetonians have been to Club Mykonos. I have a feeling that all of our parents were persuaded (swindled?)  into this whole timeshare thing back in the 90’s. I remember going to Club Mykonos as a young child and thinking I was in another country due to the Greek theme they have going on. Of course, I was actually just an hour and a bit out of Cape Town.IMG-20140823-WA000


I was at Club Mykonos earlier this year as my work had a conference there. That was the first time I’d ever been there for something other than a family holiday. The conference centre was fine but the eating facilities were less so. Usually with any place we would travel for work they will always see that we are given breakfast. This was more of a challenge at Club Mykonos as the breakfast had to be served by the restaurant close to the water – the queues to get food were very long!

We were a big group of people (more than a hundred if I remember correctly). I’m not sure if they were challenged to find accommodation for all these people or if the work opted for the cheaper rooms to save costs.

View from balcony

View from balcony

The unit I had to share with my two colleagues was not up to the standard I was accustomed to.

My one colleague stayed in this room

My one colleague stayed in this room

20140305_181249 20140305_181316A few people even refused to stay in the accommodation and instead drove back to Cape Town and came back to Langebaan the next day. In my opinion, those people were being overly dramatic. It was true that some of the rooms were a bit shabby but we were only there one night and the conference schedule was so fully packed there was hardly even time to spend in the rooms. I think it was just that work usually puts us up in more glamorous places but understandably, they could not do it for a hundred of us at the same time. Anyway, I enjoyed the early morning yoga on the beach given by my colleague Mel. Most people were too hungover from the party shenanigans the previous night held at the restaurant (smashing plates greek style!) and whatever came after (there was loads of gossip!).

Just a note for anyone whose never been there – there are lots of steps so if you are taking your granny along, be sure to negotiate for a room where there would not be much walking!

Family fun

Club Mykonos is not the most glamorous spot on earth but I enjoy it every time I’m there. It has a beautiful view of the Langebaan coast and usually I will relax with a good book. It has a safe feeling so we often walk around and buy some ice cream and watch the waves.


My dad had taken a spot for the weekend but in the end, my sister and brother pulled out. We made do without them and still braai’d as if they were there (lots of meat!). We also took a drive around the area to see some of the flowers the West Coast is known for.

Far better than the other room, right?

Far better than the other room, right?



Lots of steps!

Lots of steps!

West Coast

West Coast

Club Mykonos has lots of facilities – you can go on a boat ride, check out the bar, go to the casino, go for walks, play tennis, soccer, check out shops and market and swim in the pools (although the heated pool is never heated well enough – it’s solar).

IMG-20140824-WA002This time around my mom and I decided to check out the spa.


In our  unit, there were plenty of brochures laying around about the spa specials. The spa was no cheaper than any other spa but we thought it would be cool to check it out. The spa is part of the Cellu-Beauty line which has spas all over South Africa. We made our appointments for a heavenly sounding 90 minute full body hot stone massage.

We arrived early for our appointment and it seemed the receptionist was changing shifts. There seemed to be some sort of drama going on and it felt like no one really paid attention to us. We were not given any forms to fill in and we were not directed to where to change or where to wait. We went back to the receptionist to explain that we would like to change so that we can use the steam room and sauna. She pointed to where we could change. We walked over to the place she pointed us to and found some staff there. They were confused and directed us to the steam room. Okay – we found this elusive steam room but were fully clothed with our bags and everything.

I was starting to get mad. How could it be so hard for someone to direct us to the changing rooms??? I marched back to reception ready to give the receptionist a piece of my mind. I found a different receptionist there who could see I was livid. She walked us to the change rooms, handed us a gown and told us we could use the sauna.

The change room was big and cold! It was not only used at the spa but is the general change room for anyone going to swim in the pool. It was freezing cold! The slipper I was given also looked like it had seen better days. We were not given a lock, nor told to bring a lock. The receptionist explained that they do have locks but they were all being used. That was weird I thought. Another patron heard me complaining and gave me her lock as she was leaving and was meant to return it anyway.

Through the cold trek we made our way to the steam room. All I can say is that the place smelled a bit funky.

Finally the time for the massage! We were given a couple’s suite which was good. The music was relaxing and the place was decent. I asked the masseuse to turn up the heat but she assured me that the hot stones would heat things up. Sadly, it did but not enough for me to feel really relaxed.

I enjoyed the massage – no complaints! 90 minutes must be the longest massage I’ve ever been for. I often have this habit of thinking during a massage “please don’t let it end yet” and I can happily say that for the first time, this was not the case. The masseuse spent a lot of time on my lower body which was nice but hey, I would take a neck and shoulder massage over a calf rub at any given moment.

In conclusion, the massage itself was good but the spa facilities are nothing to write (a blog) about. I would recommend that if you decide to go, don’t bother turning up early to use the spa facilities – you are not going to want to anyway. I don’t think that the layout for this spa is conducive to having a relaxed and calm experience. Just get the massage and go relax by the beautiful Langebaan sea rather!

– Rif

Club Mykonos

Leentjiesklip Road, Langebaan, Western Cape, 7357, South Africa


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