The Entertainer – This is the APP you want!

entertainerIn 2009, I moved to Dubai for work opportunities and while I stayed there I came across this book called “The Entertainer”. It was a semi-hard cover book, with 100’s of pages filled with these deals. Each deal was categorised between restaurants, outdoor, leisure, etc. The book allowed for 2 for 1 specials to the best restaurants, activities, attractions, spas and hotels all over the world and not restricted to Dubai. Upon viewing this book (which was really bulky), I noticed that these deals could be torn off and presented at the entertainer partner or affiliate being a restaurant or hotel for a 2 for 1 special. I thought, the book wasnt that expensive and the amount of money I could save would equal the retail price of the book if i just redeemed 2 offers. Sounded like a bargain to me…

Bulky right?

Bulky right?

Being an Expat in Dubai, the book offered me a view of different places and allowed me to seek out and eat at great restaurants and take part in great activities within Dubai for half the price. I remember thinking, that this would be a great idea if it was launched in South Africa. The only downfall was that it was a book and you wouldn’t want to travel around carting this book in your handbag.

Fast forward a few years later and this Dubai-born product, The Entertainer, comes to South Africa. Not only was it launched in SA, it was launched as an APP! Yes, how we love Apps!

We were lucky enough to be invited to #CapeDine, an event hosted by Dorette from @CapeTown (on Twitter) and The Entertainer South Africa, at the beautiful Towers Restaurant (Crystal Towers, Century city) and I was very eager to use the app and see how easy it was to install, how much it would cost and to see which restaurants, hotels and spas were partnered with this app. Arriving at the Crystal Towers restaurant , we were greeted by the beautiful “D” @iAmnotMany (who runs @CapeTown) who introduced us to a few fellow bloggers and other individuals including Elan from @SleekgeekSA; Megan from @BCTCBlog; Leigh-Ann from @FindingWining, Alex Griffin from @BrandMeetZA and Liomee and Marius Vosloo from @CapeFreelance. imaan 2

The evening started off with beautiful starters and an introduction from a representative of The Entertainer. She assisted us with downloading the app. Installing the app and activating the product couldn’t be easier! Browsing through the app, I recognized so many restaurants, spas and other facilities that are very well know in Cape town and around. Restaurants such as Beluga, Basilico, Barristers,and Knead, just to name a few. The app’s icon is an emoji smiley face and how appropriate considering it made me smile knowing Ill be saving half my bill.

by categiry

The APP has categories that you can select and de-select


The APP displays all Entertainer Partners in your area. It updates automatically depending on your location!!!


One example of Angsana spa and what type of offers you can get

So how much will this nifty deals set you back? You can buy the subscription for R500 bucks!!! No jokes. Its valid for 1 year and new affiliates are updated regularly. Each membership runs from 1 Jan – 31 Dec. Each partner gives you 3 offers that can be redeemed. How does it work? Well, when you want to redeem the offer, all you do is let the waiter know and you will click “redeem” on your app and both you and the waiter/manager will enter in the unique password (4 digit code) and viola the offer will be redeemed and one will disappear from your app. Easy peasy. Generally they are 2 for one specials so they are especially great for couples.

So whats the catch??? Hidden terms and conditions maybe??? Maybe restrictions??? Upon asking what the catch was, The Entertainer representative said that the “The Entertainer” is merely a marketing platform for all these partners/affiliates to get feet in the door. Think about it, each time you visit somewhere you will bring someone along! That’s it! There are no restrictions in terms of when you can use it or how. Its just redeem when buying two I suppose.

The evening ended off with goodie bags containing the cutest little entertainer dolls (including a little arab doll!!! I loved it) and yummy desserts. The one thing that I really enjoyed about the evening was that the chef prepared our meals separately and halal friendly and so that we didn’t miss out on any of the yumminess! Which is always a plus! While being there I thought, this restaurant is amazing and we had the opportunity to meet the chef. Meeting all the other bloggers and interacting with them reminded us how lucky we are to live in a place like South Africa and to meet such extraordinary people that reside in it!



photo 1

Imaan and the Entertainer doll….

imaan and me

A selfie with bad lighting…..

photo 4

The Arab Entertainer doll….

photo 3

The Chef





The Main meal……Lamb and more lamb

photo 2

Dessert… chocolate and more chocolate…. How we like it

We would like to giveaway a 3 x 1 month membership vouchers to The Entertainer, Cape Town. All you have to do is comment on our post and follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! You will be on your way to enjoying South Africa for half the price!!!!



Application : The entertainer


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