Starlings Cafe – Birds of a feather… feast together

wall decalI have been wanting to write a review about Starlings Cafe since the first time I visited there a few years ago. A friend of mine introduced me to this little nook on Belvedere road. The reason for me writing a review now is purely because we have a blog and I would like to share the splendors of this fantastic place with our readers. I have been there several times to maybe give a good summary of my experiences there.

imagesFinding this little spot is quite a mission as there is no huge sign that says “Starlings Cafe. instead, its a small sign against the wall ( more of a hedge) of a converted – house into a little cafe spot. Parking can be found on the street or next to the cafe. Bookings are not allowed and its a first come first serve system. This makes sense considering its always busy and most of the time, extremely full.

Upon entering the gate I was delighted to walk through a little garden which boasts a sort of “Alice in wonderland” feel to it. A feeling of magic and wonder. The chaos starts as you enter the little house.Being greeted by the hustle and bustle of the patrons chatting away and waiters whizzing up and down the corridors. Quirky tables are abundant and lines the corridor towards a beautiful outside garden area. What a lovely sight.


Inside the cafe

The decor is quirky and clean and the chairs and tables do not match. There are pages of books framed on the walls and vintage mirrors hanging neatly beside the tables. Each table is cleverly decorated and is seemingly beautiful independent of the other. The 2 seaters appear as though it was decorated just for you to have a date there. Each with their own charm. The clientele buzzes with young couples, families and friends enjoying the splendor of this magical place.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so you will get the idea as you scroll through the pics below.

photo 1

Little couple tables

quirky Decor on the tables

Quirky decor on the tables


photo 3

Outside area


Freshly baked cakes on display

photo 4

More yummy cakes on display

Lets get down to the food. I’ve been there twice for breakfast and twice for lunch. Out of the four times that I’ve been there, I was never disappointed. I will go back there in a blink of an eye. The food is entirely organic and fresh. This can definitely be corroborated by the fresh tasting ingredients. The coffees are served in the cutest Le Creuset cups.


Le Creuset Cups and stunning tea pot

There is a sort of “cuteness” in the detail such as the little blue Starling birds stamped on the napkins or the little quirky sugar bowls on the table. Even the waiters and waitresses are entertaining and most of all efficient.

The breakfast menu is quite simple and boasts selections such as eggs Benedict, omelettes, fruit. All the known breakfast dishes. (Their eggs are olitaire Free Range Eggs from the Hemel and Aarde Valley). See breakfast menu here.

On Saturday I arrived there just after 1230pm and opted to have lunch there as they only serve breakfast till +- 10:30am. Looking at the lunch menu I was sad to see they removed the one sandwich I loved at Starlings. Its an open sandwich with mushrooms and pesto ( see pic below).


Open sandwich with pesto and mushrooms

My heart slightly broke knowing that this was not on the menu. I opted for the chicken thighs with cauliflower mash and baby leaves. Later discovered this was a “Noakes special”. The waiter alerted us to the fact that it was wrapped in bacon and cooked in white wine sauce. I was so glad he mentioned this as it does not mention that on the menu at all. I opted to just have grilled chicken breasts as a substitute..

The meal arrived and I was starving at this point. I cut into the chicken and upon tasting it realised that it was quite cold. I sent it back and it arrived some time later a little bit warmer. The waiter was very apologetic The mash was very tasty and the chicken breasts soft and succulent.


cauliflower mash, chicken breasts and baby leaves (the buttery Parmesan cream was delicious on the side)

I would highly recommend this cafe. A little gem a home away from home that delights the soul and the tastebuds!

– XOXO Jee


Address : 94 Belvedere Road, Claremont

Hours : Mon -Friday : 7am – 5pm , Saturday 8am – 4pm , Sunday 8am -2pm

Tel: 021 671 6875


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