The Banting Kitchen – “When did FAT become PHAT?”

photo 1A very hot word right now is “Banting , Banting , Banting!”. I must admit, the first time I heard about this diet was one Sunday evening watching Carte Blanche. I happened to watch Professor Tim Noakes explaining his low carb high fat (LCHF) way of eating. He termed the diet “banting” as a result of a fat London undertaker named William Banting. Banting famously published his “Letter on Corpulence”, which documented his struggle with his weight, and more importantly, his recovery and weight loss using a low carb strategy.

Professor Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes

Noakes then later published a book called “The Real Meal Revolution”, which is basically a cook book explaining how the diet works as well as loads of recipes to follow to comply with his philosophy. After watching a demonstration by the Carte Blanch presenter making a milkshake using the recipe contained in this book which encompassed full cream everything, I thought to myself “How can this be good for you?” Noakes titled his book quite intelligently as this is definitely a revolutionary theory in that its a complete contradiction to traditional diets as we know.i.e fat is bad.

This article is not about whether the Banting diet is good for you or not. This article is about my recent discovery of a restaurant dedicated to the Banting diet called “The Banting Kitchen.” This restaurant is nestled within the Cape Royale hotel and offers patrons meats, greens, fruit and dry wine! (well, that’s what they clearly outline on their website)

I went on a Monday night without making a reservation. Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by a very friendly hostess who seated us immediately. The decor is very modern and spacious. Clean lines, romantic lighting. Very classy and yet comfortable. The place was fairly empty (well it was a Monday night).

The restuarant

The restaurant

photo 3

The chalk board

The chalk board

Looking at the menu, the options are quite limited , but everything sounds so delicious, I opted for the Oriental Spiced Cream Cheese Chicken Supreme ( described as Coriander & Sunflower Seed Pesto, Pan Grilled Aubergine with Roasted Pumpkin & Cauliflower) – R105 and my friend had the Wild Mushroom Caulisotto (Parmesan, Crispy Shitake & Truffle Oil) – R95. I noticed that they serve breakfast as well, which is always a good thing.

Oriental Spiced Cream Cheese Chicken Supreme

Oriental Spiced Cream Cheese Chicken Supreme


After about waiting 20-30 minutes, the food arrived. Upon first glance, the portions appear small. Dainty sizes. The presentation of these dishes makes the meal look absolutely delicious. Upon first bite, I was immediately alerted to the butter used in making the dish….ALOT! Very rich food, but very tasty. High fat content in the dishes makes you full quite quickly and the small portions provided are more than enough to satisfy the hunger.

Apart from the very strange entertainment provided by our waiter in the form of being honest with us in terms of how much he can drink in one go and the very entertaining description of the meals we ordered, I must admit, I was pleasantly satisfied with this restaurant and I would recommend it. The prices are affordable and the meals are well prepared and extremely satisfying. I would definitely go back!

Tim Noakes said “ there are no meal times, no portion sizes, no kilojoules restrictions, Let your body tell you how much to eat. The only thing you count is the grams of sugar and carbohydrates; I look in the fridge and choose the food”. I must admit, this all sounds good to me. I like a diet where everything tastes delicious!

Happy eating!

– Jee

Deets :

The Banting Kitchen

47 Main Road, Green Point
Cape Town, South Africa


Reservations +27 (0) 21 430 0506

Images – self taken and google images


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