The day my sister told me about Manna Epicure I initially thought it was a new type of manicure or pedicure or both. But to my surprise it was actually the name of a restaurant. So quite intrigued by the name I decided to do some research into the name and what it means. So “Manna” in biblical terms was the substance miraculously supplied (from the heavens) as food to the Israelites in the wilderness while they were starving. Epicure means a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink. They see themselves as epicures—” delighting in food that is properly prepared.” So with a name that clearly means food from heaven for people that take pleasure in consuming good food – sounds like my kind of place!

We decided to try the dinner menu out and arrived at Manna quite early in the evening. The restaurant is situated on Kloof Street. Quite high up on Kloof Street where the ability to parallel park on a slope is essential! Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately drawn to the most beautiful and scrumptious looking cakes and tarts clearly welcoming me at the entrance! At that moment I knew that I will be having dessert. We were seated close to the window and after being distracted by the sweet treats I managed to admire the decor.

All the yummy cakes on display

All the yummy cakes on display

cake 3

The front of the resturant

The front of the restaurant

outside tables

outside tables

The restaurant appears rustic and yet simple at the same time. Linens are crisp white with beige table runners. My eyes were drawn to the very interesting wooden “chandelier” (picture below) – that gave a subtle hint of Africa. I thought the place was beautiful and everything worked well together.

The wooden Chandelieir

The wooden Chandelier

I was so cold that I ordered a cup a tea. The tea came in a little tea pot with the cutest vintage cup and saucer (see pic below).

teaWe were given a bread board with freshly baked bread ( yes they make their own bread). There dinner menu is scrumptious and it was tough deciding what to have. I decided to go for the fish burger. The fish burger comprises of grilled “fish of the day” on freshly baked ciabatta bread. The sides are extra and they have loads to choose from. I went for a Greek salad. (Trying to be healthy). While I waited, a friend of mine ordered the French onion soup as a starter and it looked yummy. I had a taste and it was absolutely divine. If I had a big appetite I would of loved to have starters, mains and dessert.


French onion soup

French onion soup

After a short wait , my fish burger made its debut. It arrived on a wooden board with the Greek salad ( that came with olives and feta !). I had some extra avocado with the burger and that just finished it off nicely. The fish was cooked perfectly and the ciabatta fresh and warm. It was a bit much for me but absolutely delicious and I would definitely order it again.

Fish Burger - grilled on freshly baked Ciabatta

Fish Burger – grilled on freshly baked Ciabatta

free range chicken breast topped with avocado

free range chicken breast topped with avocado

After a little food devouring rest, I walked over to the dessert display and ordered the red velvet cheese cake.There is nothing to describe how yum that cake was. It reminded me of that Nedbank advert, specifically when “Eugene” says “ Its like little fairies dancing on my tongue” That would describe the taste perfectly.

Red Velvet cheescake - Yum!

Red Velvet cheescake – Yum!

waffles and ice-cream - a classic

waffles and ice-cream – a classic

In the words of Julia Child – “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.” The name Manna Epicure really encompasses what to expect – being food from the heavens fit for us ordinary folk that enjoy good food.

Just remember  – Life is short…. so eat the dessert first!

                                               – Jihan



Address : Manna Epicure Restaurant
151 Kloof Street
Cape Town

tel: 021 426 2413
Twitter: @Mannaepicure



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