Kimberley’s best kept secret: Carters Rest Guesthouse

As you may have read, at one point, I was literally living out of a suitcase for three months straight and I was starting to go CRAZY.


Most of the time I was based in Kimberley and stayed in quite a few of the hotels and guesthouses. I loved the Protea Hotel but it was a bit out of budget for a long stay. The Victorian Guest Lodge was nice too but I could not take another breakfast listening to Candle in the Wind. Dankie Pa Guesthouse was not bad either – but they kept moving me around and sent me to stay in Agros on two occassions (as they were fully booked). I would rather forget about my (thankfully) brief stay at the Belgravia B&B where I could hardly sleep due to it being freezing cold and listening to the man (in the next room) snoring away.

And then things changed as I was finally put up in Carters Rest Guesthouse.

Carters Rest

I never saw much advertising for Carters Rest. I could hardly find it on TripAdvisor. However, the guesthouse itself was easy to locate. It is within walking distance of a large Pick n Pay in Rhodesdene and a 2 minute drive from the North Cape Mall (my favourite mall due to the fact that they have a cinema!).

I checked in late on the first day as I had been traveling from elsewhere. The staff were extremely accomodating and put me up in Room 3. Unfortunately, I was not travelling with a decent camera but what I can say is that I liked the decor. It was modern, clean and homely.

I was delighted by the fact that the room had a microwave, stove, fridge and cooking utensils. After being forced to eat out for most of my time in the Northern Cape, I was finally looking forward to making a meal of my own.

Carters Rest does not have a typical BnB breakfast and I absolutely loved that! What they do is they stock the fridge with all sorts of goodies (milk, cheese, eggs, yoghurt, meat, etc) and bring in fresh fruit, cereal and pastries on a daily basis. Trust me, there is only so much fried egg you can possibly consume! Sometimes I get the feeling that BnBs can be quite stingey about the food they give or the amount of food they give – I didn’t get that feeling here. They gave so much food I could never ever get through it. Even if there was another person staying with me, I doubt we would have ever finished all the food that they provided on a daily basis.

That morning, I had a rather cool shower and felt rather dissapointed. Maybe things were too good to be true? I complained at the reception and during the day they sent a plumber to check it out. Whatever was wrong was fixed and I had lovely hot showers for the rest of the week.

From Carters Rest I had to stay a few days in Kuruman. Having found my ‘home away from home,’ when I returned to Kimberley the next week, I begged for the travel agent to put me up at Carters Rest.

When I arrived back I found myself in an even better room (Room 1). The room was more of a flatlet to be honest. It had a living room leading out to the tennis court, a bath and shower and a lovely room.

IMG-20120914-00643IMG-20120906-00611IMG-20120914-00646Carters Rest is situated on an acre of land in the city so the grounds are quite large. Parking was never an issue and I often did my work while sitting out in the peaceful garden. Another thing that made me feel at home was the adorable dog that lived at Carters Rest. Generally, I am not a fan of Staffies (or small dogs) – I dream of owning a Great Dane or Saint Bernard someday. However, this friendly girl stole my heart and I was thinking of ways to stuff her into my suitcase to take her home with me!


As you may have guessed, I really enjoyed my stay at Carters Rest. If I ever find myself back at the Big Hole, this is the place I’d go back to.

– Rif

Carters Rest

30 Carters Way







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