Bootlegger Coffee Company – Just good coffee…

ImageBootlegging is defined as research in which motivated individuals secretly organize the innovation process. And here I thought it was selling illegal alcohol (per US history of course).

Regardless of the confusing name, I wanted to try this place out and so I went. Someone told me that they serve the most delicious calamari. So this was even more confusing given the restaurant’s name. But, like any Capetonian would do, I decided to try it out.



The entrance

I went there in the evening and it was buzzing. Filled with “hipsters” , couples & party goers. I got it! The atmosphere was rustic and the decor sharp with that feeling of stepping back into American bootlegging history. The waiter was extremely friendly and seated us almost immediately after entering the cafe. Crowds were gathered around long social tables and couples along the 2 Seaters surrounding the cafe. So it was a mix of social gatherings and romantic date night for others.


The big social tables

ImageI ordered the calamari of course and it came with fries and a salad. So be ready to indulge when coming here.  I ordered a latte as well. I needed to taste the coffee. It was delicious. Not too strong and not too weak, just right. After a very short time of waiting the food arrived. Quite generous portion sizes. I dug into the calamari and it was fresh and perfectly cooked. I wouldn’t say its the best calamari I’ve ever tasted, but pretty close. What was way more delicious was the fries. There was a flavor that was quite strange to me, but delicious. Upon questioning the distinct flavor, I was told that they coat the fries with Truffle oil. Yum! I could of just had the chips and be blown away.



Grilled Calamari, salad and fried chips with Truffle oil

The atmosphere is lively and time stands still as you’re dragged into the social aspect of the place. Its best to go on weekends as the place is bubbly and packed. A place to make friends, a place to dine and a place to just have fun!

There are all kinds of love in this world, but never same love twice…”  F.Scott Fitzgerald


Deets :

9-41 Regent Road
Sea Point, Cape Town
Western Cape

021 434 0060

Monday – Friday open for coffee 6:30 kitchen opens 7:00 – 22:00
Saturday – Sunday 7:30 – late


Photos : Self taken with my nifty iPhone 5s & other photos complements of zomato.




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