ImageOnce upon time there were four little rabbits and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton Tail and Peter. Flopsy ate too much blue berries and is currently competing in a show called the Biggest loser. Mopsy became a billiionaire copyrighting the word “mops”, Cotton tail got married and re-located to india and Peter, well Peter built a house in cape town where anyone can come and enjoy meals at “Peters House”. I don’t know if you remember those Beatrix Potter books called “Peter Rabbit”. I certainly do and when i stumbled across this little breakfast place – it reminded me of just that. With rabbit memorabilia as well as the full collectors editions of the Peter rabbit books on the shelf…. made for quite a nostalgic afternoon. This little cafe serves breakfast till 2pm.Being a late starter on weekends, this place suited me just fine.


The entrance


the amazing decor

The cafe is situated on Kloof neck road ( opposite Rafikis). I almost missed the sign as its just after the bend. I managed to locate a parking right outside the front door – Lucky! When I entered the cafe I noticed the unmatched table cloths and some tables had chairs AND others had benches. Quirky and yet homely. Would we expect any less considering this is Peters house.

The chalkboard walls was filled with specials – for lunch and breakfast. The menu offered leaf teas as well as freshly pressed juice. ( really fresh as I watched them make it). I ordered scrambled eggs on wholewheat with smoked salmon and feta cheese. It tasted fresh and wholesome. The feta was creamy and melted in your mouth. My friend ordered the Chicken, mushroom, pepperdew and mozzarella quesadilla with salad.


Chicken, mushroom, pepperdew and mozzarella quesadilla with salad

For drinks I had the most amazing chai latte and i ordered the freshly squeezed juice ( which was made up of beetroot, orange, ginger and some other ingredients i cant remember) but it was delicious. Tasted fresh and earthy.


Scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon and feta

We stayed a while and I noticed that they have wifi as well as board games, etc. Quite a nice chill spot. The only they missing is a fireplace!


Chai Latte

I would definitely go back again and try some of the lunch options. Its perfect for a winters day. in the words of Beatrix Potter , “What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood?”



Location: 14 Kloof Neck Road, Cape town

website :

contact: 021 424 3451



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