Fresh Wellness Spa – A day to relax!


Enjoying a good massage at least once a month seems to be my new year’s resolution ( I will try to break this one).I have been searching around Cape Town to find a few new ones to try out.I happened to come across the Fresh Wellness Spa situated in the lush green surroundings of the Cellars-hohenort Hotel in Constantia. Just down Brommersvlei Road to be exact. I called them after reading an article about them online and booked for a Saturday. My sister happens to enjoy the finer things in life and opted to join me to experience a good old aromatherapy massage. There are loads of the treatments on offer from facials (they use Dermalogica products), to massages, waxing, Manis and pedis. There a special package for about R1400 that allows you to choose 3 out of 5 treatments. Sounded good, but I opted to try a massage before investing in 3 treatments.


Look at all the greenery as you walk to the spa

I booked a double room and indicated the type of pressure we enjoyed during the massage.I always opt for soft massages. The softer the better. People generally ask me what’s the point I go, but the same could be said for those who enjoy being pounded during massages.

We arrived at the spa 15 minutes before our appointment. I would say you should try and be there at least 30 minutes before as they make you fill out these completely irrelevant questionnaire when you start. They make you sign a disclaimer that basically protects them if something goes wrong during the treatment.

Reading the questionnaire , they asked basically everything including my doctors details but they had no questions like ….” which areas should we concentrate on – lower back, arms, etc” or even what type of pressure you prefer. Very strange. Anyway, moving on from the questionnaire they walked us in to a double room with 2 beds separated by a curtain. Upon asking where the bathroom is to change, they politely said that you change in the room. So I was like, oh so no facilities then? Anyway, after changing into a robe and keeping on my underwear (normally spas give disposable underwear so that you don’t spoil your underwear with oil etc) but not this one. When reading their website they say “Compulsory disposable undergarments will be provided for all body treatments.” (Err…. no it wasn’t!)


My sister with the looong questionaire

The toilet was outside the room and there was only one toilet…. very strange. We hopped on the bed ,  head down and waited for the massage, The 2 young ladies entered and asked our pressure choice. I obviously said soft and my sister said medium. They started with a scalp massage with no oil (you can choose not to have this). They started from the back and worked their way down to the feet. So while she was massaging I was trying to relax and before I knew it I was sleeping…… I know this because it felt very quick before she asked me to turn over, don’t you hate it when they ask you to turn over.It interrupts your relaxation state. I wish they could create a bed that somehow flips you without you needing to wake up.


The waiting area

Anyway, after I turned on my back she placed a heated pillow around my neck (LOVE!) and then a fold over my eyes so that I was comfortable for the second leg of the massage. She then massaged the arms,legs and feet. After they massage your back and feet , they wipe with a warm towel. Very nice. But I prefer the oils to stay on a while so that it can moisturise the skin.



Sister waiting for massage…

After the massage was done I turned to my sister and she said that her massage was 10 out of 10. This is quite strange for her to say as she is quite critical when it comes to spas. I gave my massage 10 out of 10. Reason being that I fell asleep. This never happens to me. Cost of a 60 minute full body massage – R550. Not bad!

So apart from the fact that there are no other facilities ( like sauna, jacuzzi, steam room) it’s basically a come in, get your things done and leave. The one upside about the location of this spa is that it’s next to the hotel as well as 2 restaurants.( the Conservatory and the Greenroom). We walked to the restaurant called the Conservatory. We ordered cappuccinos and watched the sun set. It was nice and relaxing. The tranquility of Constantia just makes you feel like you on holiday with not a care in the world.


Chilling while the sun sets


No words ! Just breathtaking

So my advice is , if you looking for a really good massage then go to this spa. But if you looking for a spa to spend the day at with your girlfriends then this is probably not the best place to go.I would definitely go back just for a massage.


Snacks taste better when they free 🙂


My yummy Cuppa

In the wise words of John Lennon upon being asked by his teacher what he wants to be when he grows up , he wrote down the words …. I want to be Happy. When the teacher said he didn’t understand the assignment , he said…. you don’t understand life. So remember to be happy. and take care of yourself.

– Jee



Website :

Price list : available on website

Tell: (021) 794 2785

Address : 93 Brommersvlei Road,Constantia 7800

Photos : self taken


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