R&R in Pringle Bay (and a bit of Betty’s Bay & Kleinmond!)

Finding Pringle Bay

I needed a short holiday to end off my final bit of leave. Due to my positive previous experience, I used Booking.com to search for the closest (but not too close) and most luxurious place I could find within my budget. I came across the interestingly named 3 Flavours Guesthouse which looked modern and had a 4-star rating. We booked on the Monday with the intention of checking in on Thursday (the same week).

The guesthouse was described as being just outside of Pringle Bay. To be completely honest, I’d NEVER really heard of Pringle Bay so I wasn’t to sure what to expect (except a Bay ofcourse). I turned to my bestfriend (Google) and found that Pringle Bay has a zero-crime status! That’s pretty rare to hear in South Africa. They’re also situated within the Kogelbay Biosphere which is a UNESCO heritage site. So far, so good.

The drive

We drove through to Gordon’s Bay and took the scenic R44 into Pringle Bay. The journey took about an hour from Cape Town (but made 3 hours long by a “quick stop” at Somerset Mall).

We arrived in Pringle Bay to find what looked a bit like a ghost town. We drove in to find massive, deserted holiday houses (and the odd igloo looking house).

This one went for only R695 000 on www.propertyjunction.

This one went for only R695 000 on http://www.propertyjunction.

3 Flavours Guesthouse

The guesthouse is 2-minutes outside Pringle Bay. We found it fairly easily but nearly missed the narrow turn off.

Narrow entrance

Narrow entrance

3 Flavours Guesthouse is situated in the middle of nowhere (in a good way). It is surrounded by fynbos, mountains and small lakes.

The view

The view

We were greeted at the door where I found written in chalk “Warm welcome to Rifqah and partner”. I was quite impressed as I’ve never seen something like that before. Anita (the owner) welcomed us warmly and gave us a map of things to do in the area. She gave us a short tour of the place and showed us to our rooms. She also brought us juice as usually they welcome guests with some wine (and we don’t drink).

The room was African-themed, sophisticated and luxurious. I loved the modernity of the rooms and was not that surprised to find that it was only built in 2007. The room had all the bells and whistles. The standards being: hairdryer, bar fridge. The extras being: wifi, gowns, heated floors, bath salts, nice coffees. One thing though – there is no TV in the room. You can watch TV in the communal room if you really want to.

The bed

The bed

The shower was am-a- zing! The shower cubicle had 2 shower heads – one was a rain shower and the other side had a mist shower.

Wall art

Wall art

Bath and bath-salts

Bath and bath-salts



The bathroom area (bath and shower) is not really separated by a door from the bedroom. That can be a little too close to comfort (or maybe close enough – depending on what you looking for!).

There was a fireplace in the lounge and an honesty bar. The pool in the centre of the place had magnificent views and so did all the rooms.

The pool (bit too cold to swim though)

The pool (bit too cold to swim though)

At night we had some summer rain and it was wonderful being in this quiet area. It was impossible not to relax. I don’t think I slept that well in ages. We did not even mind that there was no TV (not that much anyway).

Breakfast was good. They had cold meats, fruit and eggs.

The only downside was that you couldn’t really walk anywhere. There were a few hiking trails but we felt it was too hot and windy to walk.

Not wanting to spend too much time in Pringle Bay, we drove around the rest of the area.

Things to do in & around Pringle Bay

The weather was not that great on the few days that we were there and thus we didn’t really explore Pringle Bay to its full extent. We checked out a few of the shops and the small market on Saturday morning. The one thing I can highly recommend is the Tickelmouse biscuit factory (yum!).

The Harold Porter Botanical Gardens, Betty’s Bay

Betty’s Bay was a mere 15 minute drive from Pringle Bay (at 120km/h). While there, we checked out the stunning Harold Porter Botanical Gardens.

Bridge overlooking the river that flooded

Bridge overlooking the river that flooded

The place felt like an oasis. We came across some bird-watchers and fynbos-admirers. I so much wanted to do the hike up to the waterfall but due to a flood in October, the bridge to get there was washed away.


Stony Point Penguin Colony, Betty’s Bay

Another cool place to check out is the Stony Point Penguin Colony.

Lots of Happy Feet!

Lots of Happy Feet!

Entrance was about R10 and there is a walkway along the beach where you can see hundreds and hundreds of penguins! They are very cute but somewhat stinky. We couldn’t stay there too long as it was hot (no shade) and smelled of an expired sushi bar.

The walkway

The walkway

Kleinmond Beach, Kleinmond

Kleinmond is about 15 minutes away from Betty’s Bay (at 120km/h). We checked out the beach there which is another blue-flag beach (go Overberg!).

Kleinmond Beach

Kleinmond Beach

There was a bit of a lake close to the beach and I put my feet in there. The water was warm and lovely and I wondered why more people were not swimming there. After walking in the water for fifteen minutes, I spotted the sign saying “water polluted. swim at our risk“. Eurgh! No guessing why the water was warm then….

The beach and "lagoon"


I have nothing against Pringle Bay. I didn’t check out the beaches due to the weather but either way, I think it’s just a bit too small for me. I enjoyed Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond. I think 3 Flavours Guesthouse is great if you need rest and relaxation but I enjoy a bit more variety and options when I’m holidaying. I was tired from all the driving around and maybe if I was in Kleinmond, I wouldn’t have felt the need to do that much driving.

– Rif

Things to know

3 Flavours Guesthouse

Farm Hangklip 74

Clarence Drive (R44) Pringle Bay Western Cape 7196 South Africa

Email: info@3flavours.co.za

Phone: +27 (0)28 273 8917



5 thoughts on “R&R in Pringle Bay (and a bit of Betty’s Bay & Kleinmond!)

  1. Pringle Bay is the perfect place for R&R – you really need to go there with the intent of doing absolutely nothing except sleep, eat and read. I’m sure you’ll try one of the other villages soon. Maybe come to Bot River for Barrels & Beards?
    PS It’s Harold Porter 🙂

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