Kimberley Part 2: Dankie Pa, Agros, Belgravia B&B

Kimberley is a pretty nice town. I can definitely think of worse places to be stuck for an extended amount of time (such as Kuruman). I always hear of students going to Kimberley for comm service and some actually end up staying – so it can’t be that bad. But I reckon, any place can be boring, its about having your friends and family nearby.

There is stuff to do in Kimberley. I spent a lot of my time at the malls. The Diamond Pavillion Shopping Mall has a Mugg n Bean and thus lots of hot chocolates were had there (it is cold in winter!). The North Cape Mall has a Ster Kinekor there and the staff don’t judge you too harshly when you always seeing movies by yourself.

So, your malls may be sorted but what about your accommodation? There is very little information available about accommodation in Kimberley on the net so I hope to add to the little that’s out there –

Dankie Pa Guesthouse

When you drive into Kimberley, you will see Dankie Pa Guesthouse signs everywhere. Due to the weird name (translated: Thank you Father),  I was quite hesitant to stay there. My colleague assured me that he knows people who love the place so I was willing to give it a try.

The owner (or her daughter) was very accommodating and even explained the name of Dankie Pa – basically, that their father had left them money to open the guesthouse. To my surprise, I found the rooms to be clean, modern and spacious. There was a fridge, heated blankets and all the things that make you feel at home.

They had accommodated me at the last minute and thus kept moving me around to accommodate their other guests. I was thankful and understood why they kept moving me about but it was annoying nonetheless. Once I was moved into a room inside the main house – it was bad! If you have a choice, DO NOT take this room. It is close to the main entrance and thus you can constantly hear people coming and going.

Another annoyance was that their seemed to be an issue with parking. I was always worried that someone was going to park me in. Thankfully, it never happened.

One of the places they moved me to on two occasions was Argos Guesthouse.

Agros Guesthouse

The owners of Agros guesthouse were so sweet and helpful – and I loved their little sausage dog. Despite this, I wouldn’t recommend this guesthouse for long term accommodation. The rooms are a bit small and the toilet is separated by a curtain – making going to the bathroom embarrassing if you are more than one person in the room.


Formula 1

Some family members came to visit me and I looked for some cheap accommodation. A lot of the places were pricey and some were just not suitable (for example, you have to share a bathroom with someone you don’t know). Finally, we settled on the Formula 1. I guess you know exactly what you’re paying for there!

The Formula 1 was just like I remembered it from 20 years back. And by that I mean it looks exactly the same. The same bedding. The same double bunk. The same everything. The same space-age toilet/shower.

Really not recommended unless you have to!

Belgravia B & B

After living out of a suitcase for about a  month, you start to yearn for the simple things in life – like a toaster and a stove. I needed self-catering accommodation and the Belgravia B&B claimed to have it.

This place was quite a let down. Again, there was an issue with the parking. It was freezing cold and the room had a tiny fin heater. The door could not lock. I could clearly hear the person in the room next to me use the bathroom! And to top it off, the place was not self-catering. The owner said I could use the kitchen in their house (when they were not using it) but I had to make sure that I clean everything afterwards.

I was very disappointed and asked to be moved – mostly because they claimed to be self-catering when they clearly were not (there was not even a microwave in the room). I dealt with the owner very nicely and afterwards she apparently accused me of being racist! Very strange but luckily I was able to move out of there quickly.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is – if you’re going to Kimberley, book early to avoid being stuck in a place you don’t want to be stuck in!

– Rif

Need to know:

Dankie Pa Guesthouse
Harveystraat 1, Rhodesdene, Kimberley
Tel: 053 861 1313
076 101 4570
083 507 5080
Gps: S28°44’45” E24°44’34”
Argos Guesthouse
3 Oakridge Avenue, Hadison Park, Kimberley
Tel: +27 (0)53 861 4061
Formula 1
Cnr Memorial & Welgevonden Ave.
Tel: +27 053 831-2552
Fax: +27 053 831-5501
Belgravia B &B
10 Elsmere Rd, Belgravia, Kimberley
Tel: + 27 053 832 8368
Cell: + 27 82 224 3605

4 thoughts on “Kimberley Part 2: Dankie Pa, Agros, Belgravia B&B

  1. Amazing that everything about your stay in Kimberley is negative… Maybe the problem lies with you and not the guesthouses. Especially if all the mentioned guesthouses are always fully booked

    • My aim is to give an honest view of the places I’ve stayed in. Here is a post on some accommodation I enjoyed in Kimberley:

      It is not cheap to stay in Kimberley and I think that due to the fact that people will always have transit stays there (stop-overs driving between CT & JHB), guesthouses take advantage of this. These places are not fully booked because they are nice – they are fully booked because people will tolerate almost anything during a transit stay. I was not in transit and needed decent accommodation which was hard to come by in Kimberley. I will be doing a post on my wonderful stay at Carter’s Rest Guest House so be sure to keep an eye out for that. – Rif

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