Gyeonbokgung Palace, Seoul

Gyeonbokgung Palace is the largest of the five palaces built by the Josean Dynasty – and it seems to be slap, bang in the middle of Seoul (I could be wrong as I was quite disorientated).

Gwanghwamun gate

Gwanghwamun gate

I went to the palace on one of my last days in Seoul (in an effort to see some historical things and not just awesome shops!). My friend was back teaching and I navigated the underground by myself. I must say Seoul are geared up for their English-speaking visitors and the palace was fairly easy to get to (and that comes from someone who hardly uses public transport in SA). Asking a few people helped too.

Change of the guards at the main gate

Change of the guards at the main gate

The palace itself is beautiful. Stunning architecture and colourfully dressed guards made for lots of photo opportunities. I also managed to get some photos of myself (whilst hoping my fellow touristy people wouldn’t run off with my camera!).

Geunjeongjeon Hall

Geunjeongjeon Hall


It was extremely cold when I was there but unfortunately I missed the snow. I would have loved to see how the buildings looked when covered in snow.

Hyangwonjeong Pavilion

Hyangwonjeong Pavilion

Governor-General's Residence

Governor-General’s Residence

The president's house

The president’s house (I think)


Me in dress up!

Note – If you’re alone and want someone to take pics – keep an eye out for people who look like slow runners

– R


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