The Highveld Splendour Boutique Hotel – Ermelo, Mpumalanga

Ermelo is not a place that anyone associates with luxury – well, I certainly didn’t.

Just a pleasant two hour drive  from OR Tambo in Joburg, this dusty place has a few things going on. I consider any place with a KFC a big town and if it has a Mugg n Bean, hell, it can even be a city. I think that Mugg n Bean in Ermelo has made a fair amount of cash off me.

Anyway, the BEST part of Ermelo has got to be the Highveld Splendour Boutique Hotel. It isn’t too far out of town (although the GPS coordinates on the website doesn’t lead you to the right place). This small hotel only has about eight rooms and it is almost always fully booked (with good reason). Set on a farm, you can watch some game graze on the field while you work out at the hotel’s gym.

The rooms are stunning! Afro-chic styling, heated tiles, huge beds, rainfall showers and a bathtub you could easily drown in.

Room in Ermelo

Room in Ermelo

The chef there is definitely a professional chef. I was eating vegetarian food and throughout the week was surprised at the innovative and interesting dinners I was served (in most places, ‘vegetarian’ means lettuce and a bit of salad). I have been there thrice and found this to be the case every time I have been there.

So the next time you have the displeasure of having to visit Ermelo, I highly recommend you make your stay as awesome as can be by booking at the Highveld Splendour!

– R

Note – there is a Europcar in Ermelo if you ever need to hire a car

Another note – beware if the GPS leads you to the Ermelo Airport. The Ermelo Airport is a dirt road and there are no commercial flights available there

Last note – pic 1 & 2 from their website


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