Bangkok: Grand Palace Tour

Silly us! We didn’t book the No.1 must see tour in Bangkok! After extensive research,  I realized that there is no way we could leave Bangkok without visiting the Grand Palace.

Me, being the cheapskate I am, refused to take a taxi to the Grand Palace. I was adamant that i wanted to mission there using the BTS and the Chao Phraya express boat because the TripAdvisor forum said this was the cheapest and best way to get there and they were absolutely right. Not only was it convenient, the ferry gave us a great mini tour of Bangkok and the other temples we did not visit.

Stunning Views from the Chao Phraya

Stunning Views from the Chao Phraya


We docked in no time and after a short walk we arrived at the Grand Palace. We had not booked a guide and we were so worried about being scammed by one of the fake guides. A security guard pointed out an English speaking guide who was really friendly and informative. He looked for any opportunity to tell us about the thesis he was working on. I would highly recommend Uncle Praveth.

If you go to the Grand Palace- Look for this guy

If you go to the Grand Palace- Look for this guy

The Grand Palace is breathtakingly beautiful. Its a photographer’s dream. Everything is stunning and well- maintained.








The Grand Palace made me wish I had a much better camera. It is without a doubt, a not-to-be-missed site/tour. I will go back next time and possibly every time that I’m in Bangkok.

Note to fellow tourists: Wear a damn pants or cover your knees for heavens sake. It’s a Holy place for the Thais!

– I


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