Bangkok Floating Market and Rose Garden Tour

On our first day in Bangkok we booked a full day floating market and rose garden tour on the advice from my sister- in- law who enjoyed it.

We started out at a coconut plantation. They showed us how coconut was processed and its different uses. Not exactly a must see but it was informative none the less. Note to self: flies love coconut.

Coconut farm

Coconut farm

Driving to the coconut farm, we had our first glimpse of the less “touristy” areas of Bangkok. We actually saw a dog riding on the seat of his owner’s scooter which is apparently a common sight.

Electric cables- Please don't shock me

Electric cables- Please don’t shock me

We then went to the Floating Market. The Floating Market just seemed like a total tourist trap to me. The idea of locals selling items to tourists floating by on a boat just seemed so impractical. Not to mention that the prices were ridiculously inflated  and the variety of items was tiny.

I had my first (and probably last) taste of Durian. The only way the taste of those fruits can be enjoyed is if you completely lack a sense of smell. Yuck!

Floating Market-Tourist trap

Floating Market-Tourist trap

Coconut milk- Looks cooler than it tastes

Coconut milk- Looks cooler than it tastes

The Rose Garden had a cultural showing the history of Siam/ Thailand. I quite enjoyed it. Thai girls (and ladyboys) are so pretty. The hall the show was in was hot and stuffy. The show was overall pretty entertaining.

Cultural show- yes, that is an elephant

Cultural show- yes, that is an elephant


Sad Ellies

The part of Thailand that kills me is definitely all the captive animals. The show ended with the usual elephant show which was basically two very unhappy elephants doing tricks. Although the elephants are impressive, I just find it too depressing.

After a very long day. I was more than happy to get back to the hotel.

Notes: Well, I would not put this tour on my itinerary next time. There are definitely better ways to spend your time in Bangkok.


– I


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