Bangkok: Chatuchak (JJ) Market

The JJ Market is where I really felt the buzz of Bangkok. It’s a massive weekend market. There is more activity at the JJ market than I could ever begin to explain.

After a couple of long days touring, we decided to have a late morning. Bad idea Number 1. On a scorching Sunday, the hubby and I decided to take the BTS right to it’s end station to explore the JJ.

By this time the market was well under way and packed with locals and tourists. A great deal of this market is covered which you would think is a good idea in Bangkok but with that much heat and humidity in an enclosed environment, it was more than overwhelming. I was wearing a 3/4 gym pants, thinking that would be appropriate. Boy was I wrong.

Cool enough right?

Cool enough right?

I generally have a high heat tolerance but after half an hour in that place I was drenched with sweat, more than I have ever perspired at gym (probably collectively in my life). I actually had to buy a new dress to put on just to cool down – not that it worked, I don’t think walking around naked would have helped! The smells coming from the hot drains and all the overheated humans was almost enough to make me faint.

All this was such a pity as the market was truly amazing. There was more variety of items than I have ever seen. Everything from the modern designer wear that can be found in Siam Square to beautiful leather items and 2nd hand everything!

2nd hand sneakers galore

2nd hand sneakers galore

I wish I had an entire day to explore this amazing market but after 2 hours (barely scratching the surface), Bangkok belly and the heat was threatening to take my consciousness and I had to take a sad train back to the hotel planning my next trip to Bangkok so I can visit the JJ again.

– I


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